About Us

Better access to information and inclusion for all.

easyread.tech was born out of a demand for a high-quality document design service catering to people with cognitive disabilities and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Based in South Australia and powered entirely by local talent, easyread.tech is wholly crafted with one vision in mind: better access to information and inclusion for all. 

Who is this for

For agencies and organisations who want publications transformed into Easy Read or Plain English, easyread.tech offers a product and service that facilitates this transformation in a singular online platform.

Our diverse team is committed to empowering people from all walks of life to access information, and supporting businesses and organisations to achieve this. We believe that accessibility and inclusivity should no longer be an afterthought or simply done to ‘tick boxes’, but something at the forefront of mind when developing resources and content. This is why easyread.tech will work closely with your business to set and achieve your accessibility goals, and facilitate a more genuine and passionate approach to accessible information. 

Learning from those whom we serve

We rely on the support of a community forum that advises our work.

Easyread.tech products and services are designed with persons with disabilities and low English literacy levels at the forefront of mind. Easyread.tech works closely with persons with disabilities and key leaders in the accessibility space to ensure that we are never speaking for them and leaving them out of the conversation. We also are constantly tweaking how we work and how our products look to keep up with the feedback we receive. This ensures that our methods are up-to-date, regularly reviewed and maintained to the highest standard we can provide. 

Our diverse team

We are a team that is dedicated to accessible and inclusive communications.

The team at easyread.tech has years of experience in graphic design, marketing and communications, ensuring there is no sacrifice of quality and creative design in your final product. We also come from a background in multicultural marketing and communications, meaning that we all understand the importance of inclusive communications, far beyond the extent of being performative or simply ticking boxes.